Pricing Simplified

Unlimited Users. Unlimited Documents. Unlimited Sheets.

Up to 5 companies per project

More than 5 companies? Each additional company is only $5 per month, per project.

More Projects = More Discounts!

Customers with 10 or more active projects automatically receive discounted pricing on their entire monthly invoice:

5% Discount for 10-24 active monthly projects
10% Discount for 25-49 active monthly projects
15% Discount for 50-74 active monthly projects
20% Discount for 75+ active monthly projects

Only Pay for Active Projects in Pre-Construction and Warranty Phases

We understand that pre-construction and warranty phase projects experience long periods of inactivity.
So, projects that are in the pre-construction and warranty phases are only billed for months they are actively used within ConDoc.

Less Than 1 Hour

The average amount of time our users spend setting up their first project.
A valid credit card is required to start a project in ConDoc. Invoices are charged to the card on file on the 1st of each calendar month. Partial months are prorated.

2 Years

ConDoc keeps your project available for a period of 2 years after the project is deactivated. Reactivate and review anytime within those 2 years!
One FREE full project export is included for the financial party on a project at the time of project deactivation.
Only $9.99 per additional export to any other company requesting an export.
Projects can be deactivated at any time by the financially responsible party.

Common Questions

What is a Company? A company is a team member that is invited to the project by the project owner. Examples of companies are: Owner, General Contractor, Architect, Sub-Contractor(s), Engineering Specialties. Up to 5 companies are included on a project without charge. Additional companies are $5/mo per project.

Unlimited Users….Really? Really. However, the user must be a member of a company participating in the project.

Unlimited Documents…Really? Really. However, individual files are limited to 250MB. (That’s pretty big)

Unlimited Sheets…. Really? Really. 50 sheets or 5000 sheets per project. You upload them, we make the available to your project team on web or mobile.