ConDoc keeps your construction documentation and daily reports organized so you can stay focused on everything else.

  • Enhance and simplify sharing of your construction documents with the entire team, including Architects, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Engineering Teams and Owners.
  • ConDoc manages the mountains of paperwork that accompanies a project from the entitlement through construction phase.
  • Keeping the entire team focused and on task has never been easier.
  • Construction Documentation, Simplified.

Collaborate with the entire team
ConDoc’s innovative team based organization allows you to quickly add your project’s owner, architects, engineers, and subs.  Everyone on the team will have full access to ConDoc’s rich feature set!

Accessible from anywhere, anytime
Access all your project’s documents from any web browser, anywhere, anytime.

Quickly create and submit RFIs with full ball-in-court support.  Generate RFI logs with a single click!

Easily create submittals and assign them to your subcontractors for submission.  Quickly track submittal progress against timelines, verify approvals, and generate a submittal log with a single click.

DWG and BIM Files Fully Supported
Upload and share your DWG and BIM files, up to 250MB per file.

Advanced Construction Set Management
Our advanced vision system will automatically process your plan sets by “seeing” the sheet numbers and names.  No need to pre-split your PDFs, simply upload the entire set and let ConDoc do the rest!

Robust Auditing and Logging
Stay informed on who has viewed and downloaded any document from any project, any time.

Custom Approval Workflow
Build advanced approval workflows including approvals, rejections, and timeouts.

Daily Reporting
Keep track of your projects with daily reports from your project superintendents including pictures and notes.

Because ConDoc is priced per project, we do not limit the number of users or how much data you can store.

Simplify access to documentation associated with your construction projects. Let ConDoc enhance your collaboration with the Architect of Record, General Contractor, and any member of your construction team!

Track and share your plan sets, BIM files, and other construction documentation with your owners, consulting engineers, and general contractors quickly and easily.

General Contractors
Manage your project documentation including RFIs, submittals, and daily reporting with one application. Enhance ball-in-court processes with at-a-glance status of all your important construction documentation workflows.

You will always be current with easy access to your RFIs, submittals and the current plan set. Quickly access and download your documentation anytime, anywhere.

Entitlement & Design
Support architects, owners, and engineering teams during the entitlement and design phases with approval workflows, document sharing and robust project-wide communication.

Out to Bid
Support architects and owners by quickly sharing project bid packages, full plan-set management, and OTB RFIs.

Supporting the entire construction team from the Subcontractor to the consulting engineers, including submittals, RFIs, daily reporting, and full current set management.

Supporting the general contractor through the warranty phase of the construction project with access to all documentation generated during construction.

We take our motto of Construction Documentation, Simplified very seriously.
Therefore, our pricing model is also very simple.  We charge per project, not per user or per megabyte.
Our per-project pricing always includes: Unlimited Users1 and Unlimited Storage2

Entitlement & Design Phase
$29.99 Per Month, Per Project
Includes up to 10 companies3
NO Charge for Dormant Projects4

Manage all of your design and entitlement documentation and quickly share that documentation with the design and engineering team and the project owner.

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Out To Bid Phase
$29.99 Per Month, Per Project
Includes up to 10 companies3
NO Charge for Dormant Projects4

Share project bid sets quickly and easily with potential general contractors.  Receive, review, and respond to bid RFIs and update bid sets to all of the participating general contractors.

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Construction Phase
$49.99 Per Month, Per Project
Includes up to 10 companies3

Manage and share all aspects of construction documentation with the entire construction team from Architect of Record to the smallest subcontractor.  Includes RFIs, submittals, daily reporting and full plan set management.

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Warranty Phase
$19.99 Per Month, Per Project
Includes up to 10 companies3
NO Charge for Dormant Projects4

Quickly access your project’s documentation during the warranty period including all RFIs, submittals, and as-built sets.

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Discounts are calculated based on the number of active projects billed on your monthly statement:

10 – 24 Active Projects per Month = 5%
25 – 50 Active Projects per Month = 10%
51+ Active Projects per Month = call us!  800-715-1809


Invoices are billed to a credit card on the 1st of each calendar month for the previous month’s usage.

Small Print

1Unlimited files/documents.  Individual file and document size limited to 250MB
2A “Company” is any team member that has been invited to participate in a project by the Project Owner.  The subscription of ConDoc includes system access for the Project Owner and up to 5 Companies per project per month.  Each Additional Company will incur a $2.00 per month charge.
3Users must be an employee of a participating company
4An Active Project is one that has had file upload/download activity within a calendar month.